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HRSA health Centers have been comprehensive healthcare support, providing community-based and patient-centered facilities in the United States. These provide primary healthcare services to underserved and helpless populations, regardless of their ability to pay. You can find various services at these centers, including medical, dental, behavioral, and preventive care. On the other hand, Rural Health Clinics are healthcare facilities located in rural areas of the United States. Also, these are specifically designated to improve access to primary healthcare services for individuals in remote regions. They offer a range of primary medical services. Organizations like community health centers, nonprofits, or local healthcare providers may operate them.


Both HRSA Health Centers and Rural Health Clinics focus on providing essential primary healthcare services to their communities. Both facilities aim to improve access to healthcare for vulnerable and underserved populations, including low-income individuals and those residing in remote or rural areas. All in all, HRSA Health Centers and Rural Health Clinics share the common goal of providing accessible healthcare to underserved populations.


HRSA Health Centers receive federal funding from the Health Resources and Services Administration, whereas Rural Health Clinics may be funded through various means. HRSA Health Centers are not limited to rural areas and can be found in both urban and rural communities. Rural Health Clinics are specifically located in rural regions to serve remote populations.

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