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Discover if you have arthritis with this easy-to-use Symptom Checker. Learn about common signs and find valuable insights.

Visit this website and uncover the possibility of Spondyloarthritis with an informative self-assessment tool.

Rheumatoid arthritis has been affecting the joints with varying severity among patients, including our refugees, underprivileged, and rural population. If you want to assess your symptoms and risk factors, take Rheumatoid Arthritis Quiz at this site.


Experience the convenience of online testing and assess your visual acuity from the comfort of your home with this website.

Promoting the well-being of everyone including refugees and rural population around their environment requires effort. Hold on; take this simple Mind-Eye Symptoms Assessment and make it easy and worth it. Gain valuable insights into your mental well-being in seconds.

Mental Health

Compilation of clinically validated tests for different conditions by Google

Mental health ailment can effect anyone. To make this unchanged situation better, step toward understanding mental well-being and finding support. Visit this website that will help you prioritize your health using different screening tools.


Need to prevent adverse health conditions and lead a normal life? You’re covered! Take charge of your well-being with Wellness Self-Assessment. Go through this PDF guide and empower yourself to evaluate your mental and emotional health.


Do you know that american refugees, the underprivileged, and the rural population is disproportionately affected by Type 2 Diabetes with higher complications. To reduce risks and avoid the condition, take this quick 60-second Type 2 Diabetes Risk test. 

Brain Health

Let’s contribute our bit to rural economic development, prioritizing brain and overall health. Take this validated Brain Test to understand your memory and cognitive ability. 

Explore your memory concerns with this Self-Administered Gerocognitive Exam. Take the test, discuss the results, and know your health today.


Rural areas lack access to reliable devices to assess Autism. Take this free online Autism test and identify potential signs or further evaluation and support. 

Oral Health

You’ll find major consequences of poor oral health among refugees and the underserved. Need specific dental services but don’t know the symptoms? Take this quick quiz and take charge of your oral health. Promoting better dental care!

Want a pearly white smile? Learn how to gauge the cleanliness of your teeth and maintain optimal oral health. Discover the four effective methods and assess your dental hygiene.!

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